Update For Opening Weekend – VERY IMPORTANT

G’morning Lifties –

I’ve got some unfortunate news…  Due to a few conditions completely out of our control, we have to push back opening weekend until May 9.  That means beer won’t be pouring until then.

We will have two versions of our First Tracks Amber Ale.  Again, version one which won’t be for sale but only for sampling (unless people really want to buy it) and version two (the more refined version) which will be for sale.  At this point we will only be accepting cash sales as our credit card processor is not fully set up yet.  Sorry for any inconveniences there.

We won’t be offering 28 oz Groms… Instead we have 64 oz Growlers!  The good news is that you get more beer with your purchase!  The bad news is that we will run out of beer faster since we are filling twice as much as we originally were planning on…

Please share this update with everyone you may know who was thinking/planning/hoping to make it to the brewery this weekend.  We are incredibly sorry for this change and quite frankly are rather upset about it ourselves.  Hopefully you all can forgive us and make it on May 9 & 10!

Liftline Brewing Co.