Maple Ale… TOMORROW!

SO I’m a little behind the ball on this (probably should have posted it on Monday… Oops) Pond Skimmer Maple Ale is pouring tomorrow, May 29, at the brewery.  Brewery opens at 3pm and we pour until we run out.  Which could be quick since we only have one keg of it for sale. That’s because…

We will be attending the Craft Brew Races in Stowe on Saturday, May 30.  It’s a 5k road race followed immediately by a brew festival.  Race starts at noon and the festival starts at 12:30pm.  We believe there are still a select few number of tickets left?  This will be our first brew festival where we actually pour beer.  To say we are excited about this would be an understatement!  We still have some last minute prep work for that… We have always been procrastinators so why change now, right?  Ha.

Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow and Saturday!


Here are the links for the Craft Brew Races: