Beer Pours May 2nd!

Lifties! The time has finally come!  Drum roll, PLEASE! … … … We will have beer May 2nd!

We will be completing our cold room within the next couple of days.  This means kegged beer.  This then means beer ready for drinking.  Our first batch of First Tracks Amber Ale didn’t ferment completely (due to forgetting to inject oxygen before going to fermentation) which resulted in a more sweet version of what we were shooting for.  BUT batch number two is a more refined First Tracks Amber Ale.  Both will be available.  We won’t be selling the first batch due to it not being up to our standards.  Free samples for as long as we have it.

The second batch WILL BE FOR SALE.  We will only be filling our 28 oz “Groms” (we are playing with the name) of this first release.  This way it can go to more customers.  Sorry to anyone that was anticipating on bringing their own growlers to fill.  To give some data on this situation, we have 31 gallons of First Tracks Amber Ale.  That is roughly 141 filled Groms.  And that is before any goes to sampling.  That has to last us another 2 weeks before the next batch of beer will be ready.  Talk about against the odds…

So to recap this post: two versions of the same beer.  One for samples only until it runs out.  The other available for sale.  May 2nd and May 3rd.  Noon until 5pm.  Boom.  We can’t wait to see everyone!

Also, we will more than likely only be accepting cash sales for this first release.  More details as we get closer to the big day.


Liftline Brewing Co.