Brewery Update 3/14/15

Hey Lifties.  Matt here.  Just giving you all an update with this week’s progress.

Major things happened at the brewery.  The bar was started and would have been finished but I unfortunately ordered the wrong amount of lumber (a little miscalculation on my part).  The door was built and hung in place for the fermentation room.  Plumbing has been run and is good to go.  Fermenters are in place and set up.  They look a little sad without any beer in them…  Also got some more paint laid down, and I cleaned up quite a bit.  The brewery is looking fresh.  This week was the first time we were able to open the garage doors and let fresh air in!  We can’t wait for summer weather when we can have them open all of the time!

We hit a few snags this week too though.  First things first, we were anticipating on receiving our State license.  However, it’s alright since we aren’t quite ready to brew yet.  Which leads me into the other snags…  We are having a hard time getting our waste tank, or specifically the one we want.  Not to throw anyone under the bus but their customer service is terrible. All we want is a simple phone call or email returned! The second issue is one of the weldless bulkheads for a fermenter was incorrectly threaded.  Which means it is unable to tighten so we have a gaping hole in the side of one of our fermenters.  Hopefully we can get that replaced ASAP.

We also had to order different Air Conditioners (a major headache since the rooms were already framed for the sized units we currently have).  We needed new ones due to some mold issues in the used ones we had purchased.  That was a slight moment of panic but that has all been resolved.  The A/C for the fermentation room should be in early this week.

This coming week we should be finishing the bar, installing the window in our fermentation room, and hopefully sorting out the waste tank and bulkhead issues…  Just have to keep remembering that beer will be pouring sooner rather than later!