Brewery Update – 3/30/15

Hey, Lifties!  Looks like we forgot to post last week’s updates…

That would be because we spent all weekend cleaning the brewhouse for … drum roll, please … tonight’s first batch brewing!  That’s right, all of the time and effort has finally paid off and beer is being brewed.  Excitement is high, energy is low.  The exact reason why I got a brewery special Keurig coffee maker for Christmas.  Going to need that hot coffee!

Like we have stated in the past, First Tracks Amber Ale is up first.  We are speculating it to be ready in about three weeks.  This first batch is going to be a steep learning curve so please bare with us/me.  Thirty-one gallons is quite a bit larger than the five gallon batches I am used to.

Anyway, like always, you can stay up-to-date with brewery happenings on our Facebook page!