Brewery Update 3/21/15

Got a few updates from last week, Lifties!

This past week marked the 30 day period it takes to obtain a State Manufacturing License.  Well, we hadn’t heard from the DLC so an email or two went out.  Our Liquor Inspector showed up on Tuesday to see the brewery.  Wicked awesome guy, by the way.  He said we should have our license by the end of next week.  Thursday rolled around and surprise! License came through in our email!  So now we are an official, legal brewery in the State of Vermont!

With that came a little bit of panic and a lot of excitement.  All of the hard work had finally paid off!  Whew.,.  BUT we still have to make the beer!  Some key pieces were finished in the brewery this week.  As we sit right now, we can at least brew beer in the brewery!  Check out our Facebook page for pictures.

Our first brew will be by the end of next week.  First Tracks Amber Ale is going to be our official first batch.  This is where we squeal like a little school girl. Followed closely by Pond Skimmer Maple Ale (this will be debuting at the Vermont Maple Festival’s Maple Beverage Tasting hosted by Twiggs Restaurant on April 25).  We sent in our Special Event Tasting Permit so we will be pouring our maple ale along side some of Vermont’s greatest maple adult beverages!

That’s enough for this week.  As always, you can stay up-to-date with what’s going on from our Facebook page.